I'm Sarah Ball, a location-independent designer and developer who loves turning ideas into pixels. Practical but pretty design makes me happy, as does working to support good people and the planet. When I'm not at my computer I live to be outdoors – I'm an avid hiker and travel photographer.


I co-founded Riskopy, a data intelligence tool in the fintech space. We were acquired earlier this summer.

I also have the pleasure of building websites for great clients all over the world.

Now I'm building an app to make things easier for travelers arriving in a new place.


I'm an enthusiastic newbie to writing and speaking. I've been writing about ideas, process, and lessons learned while building my app. (And I'm a keen tweeter.)

This summer I spoke at General Assembly in London about location-independent work.

Work Together

I've been a multidisciplinary designer for six years. For the last three, I've been focused primarily on product design. I code as well, in the front end and in PHP for Wordpress.


You can reach me best at [email protected] or on Twitter where I'm @_satelliteeyes. Or find me elsewhere around the web.

✌ Sarah